There Should At Least Be A T-Shirt

Some weeks (months?) ago, a reader sent me a treatise/essay/sermon of a preacher. It was explaining chronic pain and illness were the result of demonic influence. For whatever reason, he singled out lupus as being particularly severe and no longer a matter of influence, but demonic possession. Which means CRPS must be multiple demons in possession of the body. Anyway, it was followed up the other day with her sending me an article about how to request an exorcism from a Baptist preacher. From what I can tell, it seems easy…

Now, we all know I’m not hugely religious and I don’t believe in demons or demonic possession. But I’m not sure it isn’t worth a try, after all, I could be wrong. If demonic possession or influence is responsible for chronic pain and illnesses, whether I believe in demons or not, should not change whether it can be treated via exorcism and I sort of feel like I’m trying everything else.

But, let’s be honest, if I go through an exorcism in an attempt to cure my pain… I’m going to expect a T-Shirt.

My research on exorcism and faith healing, isn’t encouraging as treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. For starters, I can’t find evidence it’s ever been used. And there’s a lot in the literature about how you have to be a believer for it to work. I’ve gotta say, this is weird to me. If demonic influence is capable of making us ill, even when we don’t believe in it, than divine healing should also work regardless.

I’ll be shelving the idea of exorcism to treat my CRPS for now. I don’t think I could ask a preacher for one with a straight face.

8 thoughts on “There Should At Least Be A T-Shirt

  1. Very valid point, if demon possession happens without us believing then they should be removed without our believing either. Isn’t it enough that the one doing the exorcism believes in what they’re doing? But I guess then you have the quandary of “does my exorcist really believe or is this just a way to make a quick buck or is this just a stop a long the way to having a megachurch? Regardless, or irregardless as we used to terrorize my grandmother by saying, if there t-shirt pick me one up too. I think we both deserve one.


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    1. I think the shirts are the most worthwhile point of it. I would buy a dozen or more to hand out. I feel like “exorcisms will cure you” is a “get rich quick scheme”… and apparently, I went into the wrong business. I could be performing exorcisms.


  2. G shirt neck no… Enter Swag bag I survived a idiot !! Sorry, but we got know what early medicine did, made wise women Witches, Psch issues Demons etc… I would not waste the time or moey. The only thing I would do is Pray.. The power of prayer be is Mental or only at least does no Harm.

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  3. Sorry, kindle no comparison to computer and auto-spell correction was invented to make you mental.

    T-shirt Neck No entire swag bag I survived the Idiot !!!
    We both know that wise women were treated as a witches psych issues demons don’t waste time or money in this

    Prayer at least does no Harm and may boost endorphins.. And give hope and since of therapy.

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