Grim Sleeper

Today’s blog post was going to be on the Grim Sleeper serial killer. I just finished the book Grim Sleeper: The Lost Women of South Central. It was a very good book. But after finishing it, I couldn’t write about it. I’ve never had a violent aversion reaction when studying true crime. But after finishing the book, I just couldn’t even think about Lonnie Franklin Jr. and the horror and pain he caused.

Active for more than 3 decades, he ruined a lot of lives. And for some reason, this book more than any other true crime book really broke my heart. Perhaps the human interest and lives of the victims were dealt with more in depth than most true crime books. I don’t know, I just know that it left me feeling like there was no justice.

Yes, Franklin has been sentenced to death, but that won’t heal his children not stop his wife from wondering if she should have known. And it won’t bring back the victims nor give their loved ones a few more minutes with them.

I’m not anti-capital punishment. And I feel he deserves to die for his crimes. But it still doesn’t feel like enough. He deserves to suffer.

It also proved to be an active time for serial killers in LA. Five other serial killers who took African American females were also roaming the streets of LA during the late 1980s and 1990s, while Franklin was active. And yeah, that means at one time during a six year span there were at least 6 active serial killers in Los Angeles.

The entire thing is so tragic, it feels like a ragged wound ripped open with a paper knife. And so, I didn’t write the post that had formed. Eventually, I will write about the other serial killers that were also preying on black women in LA, during the Grim Sleeper’s years of terror.

For how, just remember that while wendigos and werewolves don’t exist, human monsters do. And they thrive on the bloodshed and horror.

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