Ominous, Weird, Scary, But Not Paranormal

On the night I decided to read Most Evil, I was in my office. I had a podcast going and it was a Friday night, really late, close to 1 am. I was finishing the formatting on Oh My Wizard. And I started hearing this very weird, slightly scary noise that I couldn’t explain. If I had to describe it, I’d say it was something scratching on metal.

Now, everyone in my house is asleep. And this noise is loud enough to be heard over the podcast I’m listening to as well as being loud enough to break my concentration as I format my ebook for Draft2Digital. I hadn’t heard the last twenty minutes of words from my podcast, meaning this noise was loud.

I turned in my chair and stared at the back wall of my house. Now, three and a half sides of our house are buried and the back wall of the house is one of the completely buried sides. I turn and can still hear it. It’s not constant, but it is fairly regular. I pause the podcast. I get up, I want to see if I can hear it somewhere else in the house, like the room right above my office. I get up, the noise gives an audible clanking and then it stops for several minutes.

I sit back down. Why did it stop when I stood up? Did it hear me stand up and get scared away? I went back to work. A few minutes pass and I hear the noise again. I stop and turn again, looking at the back wall and then I see movement. There is an empty soda can on my desk. I’d finished an orange soda a little while ago and hadn’t thrown it out yet. So, I start watching where I saw the movement.

Then I hear the noise as a fly pops out of the empty soda can. WTF?! I start inspecting it. There’s maybe a swallow of orange soda left and for whatever reason, this fly climbing in and out over the lip of the opening in the soda can makes this scratching on metal sound and because of the acoustics, the sound was amplified to be louder than the podcast on my phone.

The world is a crazy place.

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