Ulcer Screwing Up My Life

I’m waiting on a gastroenterologist to call me for an appointment for what I suspect is an ulcer. I wish he’d get on it, because it’s really becoming a serious problem.

Last week, I started having trouble with vomiting. Vomiting means kneeling in front of a toilet, which makes my pain higher than normal. And I’ve been throwing up pretty regularly after taking a pain pill. I will in fact be out about 10 days early this month, because I’ve been vomiting. What happens is, I take a pill and less than ten minutes later, my stomach rejects it. I then wait a half hour and take a second pill, because the first one comes up fully in-tact.

This had been happening with my afternoon and evening pills. My morning, pill taken on an empty stomach had been staying down. Until Friday morning. I talked to the nurse at my primary care office and she said it could be the acetaminophen, while it doesn’t normally bother an ulcer, it can make stomach acid worse, thereby causing the vomiting. She recommended I try pain pills without acetaminophen. I don’t know that my pain management doctor will agree to that. I’d call today (Friday), but their office is closed on Fridays.

Essentially, I’m not eating much. I’m in tons of pain and not doing much as a result and I’m always exhausted. I’ve been given about 15 other “It could be this” but quite frankly, an ulcer seems like the least worst of them. For instance, one of my Twitter followers sent me a DM with a list of symptoms she had (which are eerily close to my own – I’ve only mentioned the least gross of my symptoms to anyone other than my doctor) when she thought she had an ulcer and it turned out to be liver damage. I’m really, really, really hoping that isn’t the case with me, but Acetaminophen was making her vomit too…

I mentioned it to someone and they said “but you don’t really drink alcohol, is liver damage really that likely?” Um, yeah, it probably is. I take a ton of Tylenol. I take 3 pain pills a day (four on a really bad day) and I take regular strength Tylenol (325mgs) on top of it, because a pain pill only lasts about 2 1/2 hours. And while plain Tylenol doesn’t help a lot, it helps more than nothing and I can’t take NSAIDs or steroids orally. I write down what pills I take and when, to ensure I don’t take more than 9 – 325mg acetaminophen tablets in a day. But I do that nearly everyday. Meaning I feel an ulcer or liver damage are equally likely.

At any rate, it’s been 4 days and still no call, even though my doctor said he was going to put needs appointment ASAP on the referral.

One thought on “Ulcer Screwing Up My Life

  1. Had my yearly physical yesterday and again my main complaint is chronic pain. Something always hurts between my neck and my feet but I never get headaches. Was taking Tramadol (only narcotic I can tolerate) 75 mg twice a day with 400mg ibuprofen 7am and 7pm. In between I was taking 800 mg ibuprofen two or three times. I’ve been doing this for over a year and my doctor kept telling to cut down on the ibuprofen but would not increase Tramadol. Yesterday I told her I was going to have to switch doctors because she was not addressing my pain concerns and my results from my Orthopedic surgeon showed increase damage to my vertebrae and excessive wear to my joint prosthetics (hips and knee). He could only prescribe meds until I saw my primary care doctor who is required to be gatekeeper of my RX medication. My primary doctor listened and agreed we could try other options. She changed my two 75 mg Tramadol to a once daily Tramadol TR 100 mg tablet and no more then 1200 mg of ibuprofen. Added Abilify to my antidepressant and changed Omeprazole to Pantoprazole. I’ve never had any pain meds last more than 6 hours. While I’m giving this a try I’m also checking my insurance for other doctors in my area.🤦‍♀️😡

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