Don’t Panic

I’d change that to red if I could… but it doesn’t let me. So, about my evaluation. Yes, I was told I should cut about half the dialogue I write out. It won’t happen, it’s my favorite part. You can do so much with a character by having them talk…. even if it’s just kind of random talking, it still does so much for a character. My strong dialogue is one of the reasons my characters always seem incredibly well fleshed out.

Writers, editors, agents, publishers, they all consider “too much” dialogue a failing and a sign of weak writing. But growing up, it was the books with “too much” dialogue that I loved the most. I’d rather read six pages of dialogue than two pages of pure description. Since I write for myself first and foremost, I don’t write page after page of description.

And it doesn’t matter how many times I get told to trim out the dialogue, it’s not going to happen. Or who tells me it… I will continue to put the dialogue in. And my characters will continue to drive my plots, not my plots driving the characters.

The stuff I do want to work on, is more variety of words. Which sounds surprising given that I was told I had great variety and vocabulary in my stories. However, even I sometimes get tired of writing “He said” “She answered”… Also, there is stuff I could improve upon without touching my excessive dialogue or making my plots drive the characters.

This means I do expect to make some changes, but not by removing dialogue or changing my plot style. I’m trying to get more organized for starters… not in the physical sense… But my Series Bible for D&R went bye-bye years ago and I never replaced it. Then I didn’t even bother to start one for The Nephilim Narratives and I think my Dysfunctional Series bible went the same way as D&R (hard drive crashes are the pits… especially if you don’t realize it’s going to happen and it corrupts some of your files and you back up those corrupted files).

My writing software allows me to create character sketches, including important events in their lives and move them from one book to another if it’s part of a series. I’m going to be filling these out for D&R and some of my lovely readers have volunteered to help. I’m going to provide a template each volunteer sign up for a specific book and I’ll move those into character sketches for the series.

I will also put the character list up on a permanent page of this blog. Woo-hoo.

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