Tuesday, I could not get my pain under control. I took my pills like I was supposed to, but they didn’t work. I was exhausted and in tons of pain. Wednesday morning, I called my doctor. Perhaps my worst fear had come true and I’d become tolerant of my pain medication.

The first question from my nurse, was {are you}I working and how much? Not just how much time am I spending on my day job, but how much time am I spending on my day job and housework. I admitted I was working about 60-70 hours a week at my day job and 20-30 on housework.

I was told that was the problem and I needed to stop. I needed to stop all work for a short time. I was told to unplug from the internet and take a staycation. Watch movies, read books, play video games, and just ignore everything else.

This is your warning; I’m unplugging for a week. No blog, no Twitter, no Facebook, no email, no writing, no checking book sales, no looking at adverts, and no blog posts. I have a half dozen audiobooks to listen to and I intend to relax and watch TV while sleeping late and focusing on just me.

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