Oh My Wizard

The second Nephilim Narrative is done. Completely. It has an ending and wrap up chapters, the whole kit and kaboodle. I finished it on Friday night. I love Soleil because she swears and has fun. Final word count was 80,480 words. Saturday, I had Jude’s 3rd Birthday Party to attend in Kansas. But Sunday, I return to the grind. Here’s the first paragraph.

There was a pink unicorn in my garage.  Yep, a unicorn of all things.  Because you know, it was a Saturday night at our house and those tended to be a little on the wild side.  Or rather, Jerome’s homework occasionally got a little on the wild side and it just happened to be a Saturday night and I was feeling old, so we were both home rather early.  It looked like it had been bred from a plain unicorn and a My Little Pony.  The body was pink, the main was a darker pink with blue braids in it and the tail was the same dark pink with blue braids.  Oddly, it had materialized with the blue braids and pink hair, which made me wonder what Jerome had been thinking of before he focused all his energy on creating a unicorn. 

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