Goddess Investigations

So, I keep getting asked, if this book was written by me… Understandable, since my name isn’t on the cover.

Also by Hadena James

The answer is yes, Goddess Investigations by Nadine Daniels was written by me – Hadena James. However, it is not what people expect from Hadena James novels. For starters, it has all sorts of people with lots of emotions. And there’s kissing along with the word nipples (and they aren’t being cut off). Any book I put out with the name Nadine Daniels, you can just assume has some sexual content. In the case of Goddess, lesbian sexual content. To be clear, it isn’t a romance novel and it isn’t erotica. Don’t read it expecting it to be mushy, erotic romance, because it isn’t.

But I have worked really, really hard to keep the Hadena James books sexless, except when absolutely necessary for the character development of a serial killer. And all books with the Hadena James name will remain that way. That’s why I decided to publish this book (and a few others) under the name Nadine Daniels.

I used Nadine Daniels, because she is an HJ character… the books are tied to HJ, but they “aren’t” HJ books. Some in my life, think this “step” is unnecessary. And to some degree, I see their point. But what they don’t see, is the number of times, I’ve been told I should give up on thrillers and serial killers and write “girly stuff”. Because even in 2019, people are still shocked to find out a woman might enjoy writing gory serial killer horror.

Plus, if I pick up new readers with Goddess Investigations, I don’t want them to grab Elysium Dreams, expecting it to be light hearted with romantic subplots and the occasional sex scene, because they are going to be well and truly disappointed.

One thought on “Goddess Investigations

  1. Well said. I totally agree and get why you would use two different names. I personally lean more towards the thrillers and serial killer books but once in a great while I switch to the romantic stuff


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