Update Avenging Reality

So, here’s Avenging Reality’s in-depth update.

Total Word Count: 89,111

Total Words Deleted: 17,298

Final Word Count: 71,813 (and it has an ending!)

Number of Stores: 7

Number of Times Malachi gets Tasered: 1

Number of Murdered Characters: lots and lots

Overall Theme of Stories: Avenging Wrongs

Number of Characters Killed by Aislinn Cain: 2

Number of Characters Killed by Malachi: 1

Number of Times Malachi swears: 17

Number of Stories from Ace’s POV: 2

Number of Stories from Caleb’s POV: 2

11 thoughts on “Update Avenging Reality

    1. Nope, I was going to rewrite it this fall, since I have Demon Boxes and Buried Dreams written, but then I got an audiobook contract for Tortured, Elysium, and Mercurial Dreams along with Natural Born Exorcist, Oh My Wizard, and Demon Boxes and have been working to fix Tortured Dreams for that. I hope spring of 2021.


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