Lack of Sleep & Writing

While waiting to finish editing on Goddess Investigations, I’ve been writing on Nephilim Narrative 2. Anonymous Dreams has been written, as has Avenging Reality. Meaning 5 of the 6 books I intended to release in 2019 are written… I’m starting to get ahead, which is excellent. I haven’t been sleeping much, fireworks have Lola really stressed out and they continue to go off in the evenings, despite Independence Day having ended. But not all of it is Lola. While out of town this past week, my pain level skyrocketed on the Saturday. I had overdone it every day up to that point and my body had a lot to say about it. In the form of not letting me sleep much Saturday night.

Also, heat and hydrocodone aren’t good friends and I found my pills making me feel sick, because it’s July in Missouri and humidity is about 90% making 88 feel like 110. I’d be so hot during the day, I’d feel sick, and then I’d shiver when I went to bed, because J keeps the camper at about 65 degrees when it’s really hot out.

Anyway, we returned early Sunday morning and I accomplished nothing on Sunday except watching Women’s World Cup. My back and right leg, feel like they are made of stone the muscles are so tight. And I had a headache as a result. I wanted nothing more than to crawl into my bed and get a good night’s sleep. This didn’t happen. Lola needed love. When I went to bed, she curled up between J and I, leaving me about 6 inches on the very edge of the bed to squeeze my body into. And she wouldn’t move closer to J for some reason. After falling out of bed trying to roll over, I gave up and headed to the spare room, with Lola hot on my heels. As I opened the spare room door, Lola began snapping her teeth at me and when I got into the spare room, she continued to prance and snap her teeth. So I took her back outside and that didn’t make her happy either. When we came in, she led me to the futon that sits in the office. It’s been folded down for a couple of days…

And then I remembered, last time she jumped on the spare bed, her butt didn’t make it up there and she needed a boost. She didn’t want me to sleep in the spare room, because she has trouble getting on the bed. But the futon is easy for her to get on. And I didn’t sleep well on the futon. However, as I lay there, my hand on Lola, waiting for her to fall asleep, I was struck with the ideas for the next D&R novel as well as the next Nephilim Narrative. I put both plots in my phone notes and then I went to sleep. For those, keeping track they will be the 18th Dreams novel and 3rd Nephilim Narrative.

When I got up on Monday morning, I wrote out draft plots for both. Then I went back to work on Nephilim Narrative 2. Apparently, sleep deprivation only slightly stifles my creativity. And as I write these words at noon on Monday, some jackass is shooting off bottle rockets. I’ll be glad when the fireworks stop and I can sleep a bit more like normal (5 hours a night is what I’m currently averaging).

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