I considered doing a 4th of July post that dealt with the history of the holiday and the Revolutionary War. But, I’m so over this holiday. Mostly because of poor Lola, who has had her tail tucked for nearly a week, even when she’s inside. Instead, I decided to offer an update post. Something quick you can glance at before the festivities begin.

Goddess Investigations: Pre-Orders have started everywhere except Google. I’ve made it through the first round of edits. I didn’t work on it for a week, because I caught a summer cold and was miserable for six days.

Nephilim Narrative #2: I’m about halfway done writing the next Nephilim Narrative. And as soon as I think of a title… well, I already have the cover for it. It’s made me cry a few times. It’s been a pretty good story though.

Avenging Reality: Avenging Reality is finished. It has 6 stories in it. I intend to release it on Halloween.

Anonymous Dreams: Anonymous Dreams is also done. It is book 17 (or 19, depending on your math) of the D&R series. I’m still intending to release it in December. I’ve had some questions about whether Anonymous Dreams will be the last. It won’t. I expect to release another in the spring of 2020. I don’t have a clue what it will be.

The Dysfunctional Expansion: I’ve started this book at least a dozen times now. I’ve also deleted it a dozen times now. I’m having trouble with the first chapter; the Nadine’s Thoughts on the Universe Chapter.

Chris Patterson and I are still working on our joint venture. A trilogy that doesn’t have any serial killers. But does have gold coins, goliath groupers, and possibly a shark or two. We are aiming for the summer of 2020 for its release.

I don’t know what I intend to write and publish after I finish the works in progress listed above. After a month, I still hate my haircut. I’m going to have to start guzzling the prenatal vitamins, it’s not growing out fast enough.

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