I Get It

As I was working on the second Nephilim Narrative, I was listening to book 2 of the Tommy & Tuppence Series by Agatha Christie. And I was enjoying it, but I also realized why there were 30+ Hercule Poirot novels. For those that don’t read a lot of Agatha Christie, she wrote 4 different series: Miss Marple, Superintendent Battle, Tommy & Tuppence, and Hercule Poirot as well as 15 or so standalone novels. She does it for the same reason, I keep writing Aislinn Cain novels… they sell.

A few weeks ago, in one of my writing groups, a male writer I talk with fairly often commented that he was surprised The Nephilim Narratives were not like D&R with supernatural creatures. That was his expectation of the series. He enjoyed the first one, but he also enjoys D&R and it would surprise no one to learn that D&R is my best selling series.

With serial killer horror being my bread and butter, there was some consensus that everyone was surprised I didn’t have a paranormal D&R. Especially considering I enjoy writing paranormal fiction. So, last night, I had an epiphany; the reason the other 3 series only have a dozen books or so, is because Hercule Poirot was the series that sold best and even though she got tired of the vain little Belgian, those books were her bread and butter.

And it shows with the introduction of Ariadne Oliver. Miss Oliver is a lady novelist who writes detective fiction. Her best selling series involves a Fin named Sven and she often comments she has no idea why she created him, since she knows nothing about Finland and he has some peculiarities. Making it hard not to see Christie in Miss Oliver.

Like Poirot, Aislinn Cain will probably get 30+ novels, because I have bills to pay and none of my other series sell as well. But like Christie, I’m unwilling to give up entirely on the others. And when I went searching for a better plot for the second Nephilim Narrative, I realized I had a “capture the serial killer plot” in my head that really only worked in a series with supernatural beings. So Nephilim Narrative 2 will deal with serial killers – a family annihilator to be exact.

Since, I’m not deaf and I do listen to feedback from readers and authors, I will eventually end up with a paranormal series similar to D&R. However, Nephilim Narratives isn’t it. That series is more like the Dysfunctional Chronicles, it’s about family (the dysfunctional kind) and crime and sometimes comedy. I consider Dysfunctional crime comedy, I consider Nephilim Narratives the same, but with supernatural characters.

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