Starting Thursday night, we’re heading to the campground for the long weekend. I’m packing up my computer equipment and taking it so that while J is working, I can work. Someone commented to me recently that it was weird that I took my computer equipment on vacation with me. I admit, it does strike some as odd. Although I do enjoy video games, I also really love what I do to make money.

What most people don’t realize is that no matter where we go or what we do, I can nearly always find at least a few hours to spend working. Granted some days, my job is a lot of work and like most people, I don’t want to do it. I’d rather spend the day playing video games. But most of the time, I LOVE to work.

There aren’t a lot of jobs where the main goal every day is to tell yourself stories. Basically, I day dream, but those into words, and then people buy the books, thereby giving me money for them and allowing me the time and ability to continue to day dream, put those into words, and offer those for sale.

The down side of this is that I tend to be a workaholic. I would rather work than watch TV, eat meals, or spend a day at the beach. People who don’t understand say things like “I could never work from home, I wouldn’t get anything done.” Working from home does take discipline. And there are days that discipline is lacking. For example, I spent all day Monday playing video games and only worked for about an hour total. But those days are the exception not the rule. It’s easy for me to work from home. What’s hard is convincing me to do laundry even though I work from home.

And nice days, when I can take my laptop outside to work are the days I love most. On these days, the dogs and I pack up our stuff and head outdoors. They hand out in the yard doing their own thing (only occasionally coming to me for a quick petting) and I sit at the outdoor table, laptop open and in front of me, and fingers clicking away on the keys. My brain works better when I’m outdoors too, so I have to set timers on my phone to remind me to stand up and stretch or walk around for a minute or two, because if I get sucked into my writing, I will sit without moving for hours.

So, it makes sense to take my laptop to the campground, especially when J is also working up there. I can set up on my front patio there (if it’s not storming) or in the shelter house, and work. I prefer my patio because I feel like when I camp out in the shelter house with my laptop, I’m in the way of everyone else up there. But our awning is just one of those coated vinyl things and storms could mean several hundred dollars would need to be spent to replace it.

While I do have a comfortable chair on the patio at my house, there are times I wish I could roll my executive office chair out here to work because it’s more comfortable, but lugging a back pack, already seems like enough furniture moving to work outside. Wednesday was one of those days, which is why I mentioned it. My tailbone has been bothering me as of late, not bad, just a persistent ache most likely related to the discs going bad in my lumbar spine (one bulges and one is degenerating) and my outdoor chair isn’t as comfortable as my executive chair, for starters it doesn’t have the lumbar support and pillows just don’t do it for me.

So outdoors we head for a weekend of rain, sun shine, and working outdoors.

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