Ohio’s John Becker

Ohio representative John Becker needs a reality check. He has introduced a bill in Ohio to limit access to certain types of birth control. Specifically, birth control that prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall. He’s decided this is a form of abortion.

This concerns me, because I live in a state that tends to be conservative and I could see some of our lawmakers introducing similar bills. So what forms of birth control prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall? Well, all IUDs, some birth control pills, and Depo Provera could fall into this category, since Depo Prevents the uterus from building a lining for the egg to implant in. Also, the emergency contraceptive Plan B would be less available.

Apparently, some would like to wage a war on all reproductive rights of women. As a married woman who can only use Depo Provera and who is in a relationship where neither party wants children, is it realistic for my husband and I to be abstinent, since the only form of birth control available for me prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in my uterus?

Why should John Becker (who is not a medical doctor) get to decide what access to birth control women can have based on his personal beliefs? For that matter, why should any person be allowed to make that decision based on their own personal beliefs which bias them towards a certain opinion. I have a feeling the bill will fail, but it’s not a matter of whether it passes or fails. Why is this even acceptable?!

We can forget the idea of freedom of this point, as obviously the religious beliefs of our legislators determine what we can and cannot do. And increasingly, our legislators are very religious. The irony is that many of these “religious conservatives” don’t practice what they preach. As last year’s scandal with the governor of Missouri shows; he was very conservative and all about family values, while carrying on an extra-marital affair, which is certainly not a conservative or family value.

I have never felt more like property than I have in 2019. Despite my status as an adult, I can’t be trusted to make decisions for myself about my health or the well being of my family. Options must be excluded for me by the government because I don’t know any better and can’t be trusted to act responsibly. And it’s going to get worse I have a feeling.

We should just call this what it is, we have entered a period of Christian Shariah. No more finger pointing at the restrictive laws governing Muslim women as obviously all women in the US (whether Christian or not) should be subject to the same sort of governing by legislators that know what’s best for us stupid, ridiculous women.

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