Publication & Pre-Order Dates

So, I’m nailing down some publication dates for the year. And some pre-order start dates as well. Here’s the list for 2019.

Goddess Investigations: Paranormal Thriller by Nadine Daniels Release Date: July 26, 2019. Pre-orders will begin in June.

Avenging Reality: Book 2 of the companion books to the Dreams novels. Serial killer thriller/horror. This book has a central theme of revenge and avenging wrongs. Release Date October 31, 2019. Pre-Orders will begin in September.

Anonymous Dreams: Book 15 in the D&R series. Pits the SCTU against cyber criminals distributing snuff films. Release Date December 13, 2019. Pre-orders will begin around Halloween. This is Friday the 13th.

*Nephilim Narrative Book 2: September 27, 2019. Pre-orders will probably start in mid-August

The Dysfunctional Expansion: November 28, 2019 Pre-orders will begin in October – in the US this date is Thanksgiving.

*since neither Nephilim Narrative 2 or The Dysfunctional Expansion is complete, it is possible these dates may change a bit between now and then. However, I work pretty well with deadlines in place, so maybe not.

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