A friend who read my blog post the other day, said she was horrified to find out I was pro-choice. But, I consider myself “pro-health” more than “pro-choice.” I’m not particularly religious, so I don’t let a religion dictate what I can do with my body… I certainly don’t want a government and other people’s religious beliefs to influence to decide what my reproductive rights are. Here’s the deal, this is not a one-size-fits all solution for a lot of reasons.

For instance, let’s ignore any and all of my health problems that aren’t complex regional pain syndrome. If for some horrible reason, I were to get pregnant and a C-Section were required, I’d be screwed. Doing it would run the risk of spreading my disease. And even if I didn’t need a c-section, childbirth could send the nerves around those areas into hyperdrive and spread the disease to my lady bits. And let’s be honest, I was too sick to eat for 6 days due to pain recently from sleeping on a shitty mattress in my camper. Spreading my legs to give birth, is definitely going to cause a massive pain flare. But is nothing about giving birth with CRPS in the hips, is a life or death situation….

And what if that flare doesn’t last just six days? What if it were to last three weeks? What if I had to be hospitalized to treat that flare? What if I had to go through some aggressive and questionable treatments to get my pain back down to a manageable level? I already battle depression because of this disease, giving birth wouldn’t make it better.

J and I have taken steps to prevent this from happening, but honestly, shit happens and the universe has a very cruel sense of humor. Furthermore, we have access to pregnancy prevention because he works at a company that offers health insurance. In that respect, we are lucky. It could easily not be an option for us given the high premiums I’d have to pay for private insurance since I’m self employed.

Also, what about the tens of thousands of women who have to live on medications for mental illnesses? Most of which can’t be taken during pregnancy without running the risk of some serious side effects and some that keep a person so grounded, they aren’t slitting their wrists in the bathtub while listening to the song Blue Monday on repeat? Is that considered endangering the life of the mother?

I do think using abortion as an birth control is morally wrong. But I can think of a lot of situations in which the health of the mother is negatively impacted by a pregnancy with an unwanted child, to such a degree that even though it isn’t life threatening, it could be deemed medically necessary. Unfortunately, medically necessary and life threatening are different things.

Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion, most women do not go skipping into their abortion appointments. It’s a serious decision given serious thought and treated with the solemnity it deserves. I’ve never met a woman that bragged about the number of abortions she’s had. I’m sure there are some out there, because people are weird, but most women never mention it to anyone.

See, I already have questions about the restrictions and it’s really only been a short time since bills banning abortions have started going into effect. Missouri’s reform to abortion is in the form of the 8 week rule. No one over 8 weeks pregnant can get an abortion unless the mother’s life is in danger. And like Alabama there is not an exception for victims of rape or incest. Furthermore, they tried to get it so it didn’t include pregnancies in which the mother’s life was in danger. Thankfully, that was removed before the final draft went to vote, because there wasn’t enough support for it… but they’ll try again. How many women in these states will see a decline in their health as a result of unwanted pregnancies and no other options available to them? We’ll have to wait and see.

Yesterday’s post was about the unintended consequences of forcing the population to have more unwanted babies from the stand point of those children. Today, my thoughts run closer to the health of the mothers of these unwanted babies. It’s not about being pro-choice, it’s about being pro-health, the health of every woman in this country.

One thought on “Pro-Health

  1. Took me until i read this ost to respond to yesterday’s but here it is.
    How can you be female and not be pro-choice? Seriously? You don’t like access to birth control? Don’t take it! You think that abortions are sinful or whatever? Don’t have one! Do those pro-lifers actually ever think that some woman will say, “well, it’s Tuesday, let’s have an abortion before lunch”?
    If you are so pro life, then take care of those who are actually alive. To reiterate an earlier post of yours, the children that society throws away. And I mean SOCIETY, not the mothers who cannot take care of them for whatever reason. This country has a piss poor record when it comes to child welfare—health care, child care for working mothers, public assistance in general, education, and mental health services. Yes, I know what I am talking about. My husband and I had been foster parents for two decades before he died. We, and later I by myself took in the ones who were so-called hard-to-place children, mostly teenagers and those with juvenile records and raised them along with our own.
    Being pro-life in a society that has the death penalty, cannot take care of its already born children, and has a standing army is kind of hypocritical. If they care so much, they should work with the kids on the street.
    Maye they could extend that so-called concern to the LGBTQ youth forced out of their homes by their parents who hide behind their religious beliefs as if that were an excuse for their own behavior. Have they ever asked why non-gender/sex conforming people exist? Did their god not create humanity in HIS image? Then again, some judeo-christian theologians insist that their god has no gender and cannot be explained as a simple binary form of existence but transcends such anthropomorphizing.
    Why is it so easy for everyone to accept that women’s bodies can be legislated to an extent that male bodies never are? Why is it alright that I have to pay insurance premiums that pay for all possible male sexual libido enhancing drugs and implements, but the same insurance companies and policy makers who made that into a law deny women access to cheap or free birth control? Why do we have to live by the religious right-wing’s antiquated and quite frankly white supremacist rules? Are we still trying to assure that white people outbreed the “lesser” races? Are we back in the eye-for-an-eye times of the Old Testament where the ancient Hebrews tried to consolidate their powers by outlawing other religious traditions and instituting a let’s out-breed them program? This is why the idea of women as chattel is so prominent throughout judeo-christian history. Deny them the right to autonomy of their bodies and keep them as ignorant and uneducated as possible so they are easier to control. And what is easier to control and manipulate than a pregnant woman whose survival depends on a man who basically owns her.
    Yep, I’m pro-choice. And those of you who get on the high and mighty horse of pro-life militance, do some research on the Romanian orphanages and Ceausescu’s reproductive policies before you open your mouth and get on the holier than thou wagon. In short: don’t like abortion—don’t have one. If you are a man-keep out of it, I don’t tell you anything about your lack of responsibility when it comes to keeping it in your pants either. If you claim religious privilege—remember your religious beliefs are just some among thousand different ones. And as long as the whole of Christianity is splintered up into thousands of groups just here in the US and excluding the various catholic ones, just police your own little universe and stay out of those inhabited by rational thinkers.

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