The Law of Unintended Consequences

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a law of physics. Nothing that humans do, do not have consequences. However, often we overlook that unintended consequences are often very problematic to a society. With Missouri, Alabama, and Georgia, passing abortion bans that vary in severity, it’s time to think about those unintended consequences.

When you look at the statistics of abortion in the US, you’ll notice an interesting thing… the majority of women getting abortions are aged 18-25 and African-American women have twice as many abortions as whites. 27 pregnancies out of 1,000 are terminated by African Americans. While only 10 out of 1,000 are by whites. I’ve talked about adoption and foster care before… White children are adopted at nearly twice the rate of African-American children. And any child not adopted by the time they are 2 has something like an 80% of staying in foster care all their lives.

So, now we need more foster parents. Just as an aside, everyone realizes that foster parents get paid right? They get medicaid for their foster children, food stamps, and a monthly check to help with expenses. They also normally get free lunches at school. This means in states that are banning abortions, we will need to expand social services: Medicaid, free lunch program at school, food stamps, and checks to foster parents. Yet, the same idiot state representative that introduced the Missouri Abortion Ban wants to cut these programs significantly in this state.

And bring on the increase in Welfare mothers. These are women that know it makes more financial sense to not work and get government aid for their 3 or 9 kids. And the number of kids they are going to have is probably going to go up. And before you accuse the poor of doing this, you should know that I grew up with a kid whose mom was a stay at home mom of 5. They weren’t poor, they were Catholic, and didn’t believe in birth control. So it was better for her family if she didn’t work because she could get more benefits from the system than she’d ever make working a job. Her husband had a full time job that made decent money, but not enough to support their family of seven – 2 adults and 5 kids. Despite being educated (she had a degree in accounting) and not being poor, I considered her a Welfare Mother. She of course would never have gotten an abortion.

We should also start increasing our prison capacity. Foster children and children who grow up in homes where they aren’t wanted have a higher rate of criminality. Also, dead beat dads, a felony in most states, are going to increase in these states because women do not have options other than to have their unwanted children, leaving more men on the hook for these children. And we should begin to increase the budget most states allot for family court ordered DNA testing as the number of these tests are going to increase as nearly every birth certificate is going to have a father listed now. Women who have unwanted children are more likely to put the father on the birth certificate and “get the man on the hook” for their children than those that just made a “mistake” and are single mothers.

Also, child abuse rates are going to increase. And in countries where abortion isn’t legal, the infanticide rate is higher. So we should prepare for more parents to kill their children after they are born, both accidentally and intentionally. With the increase of child abuse rates also comes an increase in the number of sociopaths and psychopaths in the world, since this can be a factor in this mental disease. Which also means more serial killers and rapists, and more mass murderers as well as the fact that abused kids tend to grow up to be abusers.

And we need to prepare for more birth defects in populations of children born to women who don’t want them and so don’t quit drinking alcohol or doing drugs just because they are pregnant or start using drugs and alcohol because they’re pregnant with an unwanted child. Especially since heavy drug and alcohol use can lead to miscarriages, and therefore could be seen (used) as an alternative to abortion.

Finally, just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it stops. Cocaine and heroin are illegal and still used. Felons aren’t supposed to own guns, but still do. Meaning back alley coat hanger abortions will be making a comeback.

I get the argument “abortion is murder,” but isn’t that a decision for a pregnant woman to make? If she can live with it, does it matter that some lawmaker disagrees? Isn’t it just as bad to have an unwanted child grow up to become Ted Bundy or Gary Ridgway as it is to have an abortion? And realistically, we are more likely to get Gary Ridgway and Ted Bundy out of these unwanted children than Einstein, Gandhi, or Mother Teresa, because they are starting with the severe disadvantage of being unwanted.

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