Welcome to the US

Welcome to the decline of Western Civilization in the US. Recent governmental proceedings have proven that lawmakers have no clue what they are talking about and that women aren’t free in this country. My best friend termed the attack on Women’s Rights a Christian Sharia. A muslim female Muslim friend of mine told me we might as well live in the Middle East, because at least then we would know we had no value except as property.

Thanks Alabama and Missouri for reminding the world that criminal men have more rights than law abiding women. What do I mean? The Alabama abortion law has no exceptions for pregnancies caused by rape or incest. This means a rapist who impregnates a female and who serves his time, could get visitation rights of the child. Also, the state is forcing the woman to relieve the trauma every time she looks at her child. So that’s fun.

And contrary to the statement of one Missouri lawmaker, women who are raped do not expel the sperm just because they don’t want it. Interestingly, Alabama’s two exceptions to the abortion ban are when the mother’s life is at risk and when the fetus has a lethal defect. I think if we want to control reproduction, we should make it illegal to have sex without a condom. Or perhaps we should criminalize all sex. That makes as much sense.

For the record, both of my friends are correct. The US has slowly become the most restrictive Western country on the rights of women. Women of the US really should prepare for the day a congressman gets on TV and tells us if we don’t want to be raped, we should wear burkas. I mean, we already treat rape victims like it’s their fault. If men couldn’t see women, they wouldn’t rape them, because they couldn’t be tempted. Oh wait, rape is about power and dominance not sex… just like murder. So, yeah, actually they would.

And now rape victims who become pregnant have to give birth to that child. Every day of her pregnancy she’ll have to think about the fact that she was raped, and she gets to financially support it too as she makes payments to her OB/GYN on prenatal care. I feel like this is morally unacceptable. I mean if she knows her rapist, can she sue him in civil court and force him to pay for her legal fees, therapy fees, and the prenatal care?

Also, since when does banning abortion, stop it? Even in Muslim countries where pregnant women can be put to death for having an abortion, it still happens. With these laws the US joins the Middle East in restriction of women’s reproductive rights. I also believe we should start sinking money into Alabama’s Children’s Services, immediately. Because those systems are going to get hit pretty hard as more and more unwanted babies are born.

Furthermore, unwanted children are more likely to be physically and psychologically abused by a parent and given over to the foster care system. Interestingly, child abuse leads to a higher teen suicide rate (and ironically pregnancy rate), drug addiction, and join gangs as well as be sociopathic, so this could lead to a rise in serial killers, serial rapists, and school shootings as well. The law of unintended consequences is very powerful and far reaching.

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