Goddess Investigations by Nadine Daniels

Goddess Investigations didn’t turn out like a normal HJ book. There’s a small plot line that includes a relationship and a lesbian make-out scene. Several people told me I needed to think of a second pen name for this book, because I didn’t want it lumped in with the Hadena James brand. That brand is about books without sex in them, what my mentor refers to as the anti-romance brand.

After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, I finally thought of one. And about two weeks later a reader contacted me… “The last two Dysfunctional Chronicles” have seen Nadine Daniels making things with beads, coloring things, and even considering taking up painting. Then she decided to pull a Dr. Watson and write Aislinn Cain’s memoirs, so why not have her write fiction novels as her hobby and publish them under Nadine Daniels?”

Kinda like Castle? Well hot damn. That’s not a bad idea. So I took the idea to some other writers, some readers, my best friend, and my writing mentor to get their opinions. And they LOVED the idea. My mentor was all “It ties the books to the HJ brand without making them HJ books, it is a great idea! And you can allude to Nadine’s books in the Dysfunctional Chronicles. It’s a win-win! Perfect idea! Now go write the first chapter of the next Dysfunctional Chronicle and send it to me, make sure you mention the first book she’s writing in it.”

And therefore, Goddess Investigations a paranormal thriller with a bit of the yucky kissy stuff and sex in it, will be published with the author as Nadine Daniels. I’m shooting for a publication date of July 19th or July 26th.

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