The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side

I’ve been going through the Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot series(es) again, because I don’t remember most of them. I started the book The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side the other day and remembered the plot fairly quick and it made me realize that it’s kind of relevant.

The reason for the murder is measles. A movie star has moved into the neighborhood of St. Mary Meade. And a neighborhood development has gone in close to the village where Miss Marple lives as well. During a fete, held at the movie star’s house, a woman from the development dies suddenly.

You’ve been given the information that this woman from the development had met the movie star once before during the war. The star was doing something of a fundraising tour for the medical units. The woman from the development, Heather, was there at the time working. She woke up that morning with a fever, but was not going to let that stop her from meeting the movie star. So she went out despite a fever and rash.

The movie star turned out to be pregnant, not enough to show yet, but pregnant all the same. She contracted measles from Heather and it caused brain damage to her unborn child. A decade or two later, when Heather meets the movie star again, she mentions that tour and that she had measles, knew she had them, and went out all the same to meet her.

The movie star had been desperate to have a baby. She wanted it more than anything else and had trouble conceiving. The pregnancy was a bit of a miracle baby, as a result. So when the movie star learns that her measles infection that damaged her baby came directly from this woman Heather, she poisons her.

Everyone is aware I’m pro-vaccination. So I won’t go into that. The point is as unvaccinated teens and adults sue for the right to lift their forced quarantines (done to try to slow the progression of the disease in the US). Whether you are pro or anti vaccine, quarantines exist for a reason. One of the arguments against the quarantines is that modern medicine can treat medicine. For the most part, this is true, the last measles related death in the US was 2015.

However, we can’t do anything to prevent other severe side effects of measles infections like brain damage in unborn children of pregnant women who contract measles. Nor can we prevent miscarriages caused by pregnant women contracting measles. Except a quarantine.

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