Odd Things That Bother Us

Most of us have a strange reaction to something. Although we would be hard pressed to explain why. For instance, I get creeped out a little when I pass a mirror in a darkened room. All that’s needed is for me to turn on a light and I’m fine, but in the dark, mirrors terrify me and I have no idea why.

Here’s a few more things that bother me, but can’t explain why.

  • People Using Chainsaws – This actually makes my knees weak and I feel faint.  It is specific to chainsaws, no other saws bother me.
  • Watching people drink as they walk. – I used to think it was only when people used straws, but I’ve gotten where it all bothers me.  Jude the Great Nephew toddling around with a sippy cup freaked me out quite a bit.
  • Most things that involve eyes. – I can watch people put in contacts and things, but like when a little kid folds up their eyelid, that makes my stomach flop.  I also couldn’t sit and hold J’s hand at the eye doctor when he needed to have it checked for a piece of metal in it last year.  I find this even stranger because I’m not a squeamish person.  I have seen a lot of injuries over the years (my own and others) and they’ve never once bothered me, but J with a possible metal shaving in his eye, bothered me a whole lot more than my nephew falling and putting his teeth through his bottom lip severe enough it needed stitches.
  • Animal shows at night – I’m fine with shows like Too Cute late at night, but a show that would fit on the National Geographic Channel, is going to give me nightmares.  Essentially, I can’t watch animals hunt and kill  other animals before bed.

Nearly all of us, has something odd that bothers us. Whether it’s caused by superstition, too many horror movies, or general anxiety is anybody’s guess.

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