The Era of WTF

While grocery shopping recently, I watched two women get into a shouting match, over a bottle of salad dressing. Woman 1 was mad because woman 2 reached around Woman 1’s cart to get a bottle of salad dressing. And this was offensive. They had to be escorted out of the store and once in the parking lot, they started throwing punches… Over reaching around a cart to get salad dressing.

They appeared to be 20-somethings. And I don’t know if they have a history or anything, but it really doesn’t matter. I’ve begun seeing and noticing more of this behavior among the younger generations. The reasons normally seem more substantial than reaching around a cart, but it makes me wonder. Why are young adults more likely to get into a fist fight with each other over every little annoyance?

I have a year before I turn 40, but the age difference between 20 and 40 feels more like centuries than decades sometimes. If someone has to reach around me to get salad dressing, my first instinct isn’t to swear and yell at them or decide we should have a fist fight. It’s to apologize for being in the way. And I have a temper.

Looking back, as a 20-something I don’t remember ever having this type of massive overreaction to anything. Now, it seems fairly standard for these types of situations to escalate out of control. Mostly, I wonder why? Is D&R a little bit closer to reality than I think? Is it because we are raising more sociopaths and psychopaths who cannot handle their emotions and reactions? In other words, low functioning sociopaths and psychopaths?

If it was a one time thing, I’d just assume both parties were having a bad day and that could be the explanation, but it isn’t the first time I’ve seen or heard of something so insignificant becoming a massive problem. It seems to be a widespread issue, and I’ve seen plenty of posts on social media about the same sort of thing; something insignificant turning into a massive problem.

I worry about the why of it. Why in just 20 short years did the culture shift so much that now we accept this irrational rage and occasional violence? Before we point fingers at the old scapegoats (violent TV, video games, and music), that can’t be the only factor, because I watch those violent TV shows, listen to hard rock like Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, and Rammstein and write very violent books. But I’m not a violent person and I’m not one to get annoyed to the point of explosive rage by things that are insignificant.

4 thoughts on “The Era of WTF

    1. But moms have always worked. For instance, my mom’s mom worked 2 jobs because my mom’s dad died in an accident when she (the second youngest of 7) was 3 years old. If working mom’s were the problem this wouldn’t have changed just in the last 20 years as traditionally both parents have worked outside the home unless they were wealthy, at which point they had nannies and maids.


      1. Not as many moms worked, though. Seems like most do now. Child-rating is definitely different. You got your ass whipped at home and in school if you misbehaved. Now they don’t seem to discipline much if at all.

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