Thoughts on the Weekend

We had an interesting weekend. Lots of kids and hugs and fun and doughnuts and surprises. And some progress got made which is quite astounding really.

We’ll start with Sunday and go backwards, because you know, that’s when I got a stomach ache from too many doughnuts. A week or so ago, someone’s young person informed me they were raising money for something. I didn’t ask what for, I just agreed to buy a box of fundraiser doughnuts. The night I paid her, she pulled the “I just need to sell a couple more boxes to reach my goal.” So J bought a dozen as well. We were told they’d be in April 15th. Well that’s a pleasant end to tax season. But on Sunday morning, I got a text telling me they were in and they’d bring them by later that day. They showed up after dinner with our 2 dozen doughnuts. The first one, I cut in half and split with my mom. The second and third ones, I ate by myself later the night, while I was working; hence the stomach ache.

Early Sunday afternoon, Jude the Great Nephew was still here too. I played basketball for what felt like days, because he is apparently incapable of becoming bored with basketball and my mother needed a break. At the one hour mark on basketball, I had to stop playing and my mom had to take back over. I was incredibly, incredibly sore, but Jude giggled a lot since I tended to time my shots with his shots so the balls would hit the basket at the same time. As an aside, I hate basketball.

Before basketball, I got up and got to work. Total I added 15,000 words to three books on Sunday. Also it snowed, not much and it got up to 52 degrees, so it melted quickly, but it was still snow and I’m done with winter.

I slept terribly on Saturday night. I always sleep badly when Jude spends the night, even though we use baby gates and Jude always sleeps with my mom when he stays (Mommy asked if he wanted to sleep with her and he told her no). Saturday night we had spaghetti with meatballs, I cooked because Jude told me he loves my meatballs. He didn’t nap Saturday afternoon so he was so tired at dinner he didn’t want to eat. Before dinner, I relieved my mom on basketball duty for a while.

I feel like I was hit by a bus. I hit the halfway mark on a book I’m writing. I got further on the cutesy mystery set I’m working on. I need to submit chapters, but I have been too tired and too busy this weekend to export it from my writing program to Word. And I haven’t checked my email since Thursday, so I have 498 messages that haven’t been looked at (most will be deleted).

I thought about lying and saying I was going to take Monday off, but it would most certainly be a lie, because everything I’m working on is flowing. And it’s impossible to ignore that siren’s song. Because my desire to write is so overwhelming, I haven’t opened DropBox and gotten the things out of it that I’m supposed to look at. Although, I will probably sleep later than 9 in the morning tomorrow (Monday). I’m sure everyone, especially Chris, is sure I’m avoiding them, but my weekend went out of control. And then I fell into my writing. That is my rabbit hole.

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