great Courses Plus

I recently did the free trial for Great Courses Plus. I loved it. They had history, crime, forensics, cooking, and a bunch of other topics to learn about. My favorite was perhaps the history of crime courses, but I’m like that.

I listened to lectures on South American pre-Columbian history. The history of forensics. Foundations of Western Civilization. A lecture on the Civil War. I started and didn’t get to finish a course on Mediterranean cooking, but I was enjoying it when my trial ended. Eventually, I’ll be subscribing to Great Courses Plus so I can finish all the lectures I started, but didn’t finish.

One of the things I loved about school was learning. Unfortunately, as an adult, it’s hard to find “lectures” that allow you to learn new information. And honestly, there isn’t a great selection of non-fiction audiobooks, which has become my preferred way to read.

Great courses offered me the ability to listen to the lectures while doing other things. For example, I listened to the lecture on Spices while going through beta reader comments. And the majority of the lectures were less than 30 minutes. There were a few nights, I was so into the Pre-Columbian History of South America that I actually binged on them.

I highly recommend it if you are looking for ways to learn new information. For me, I don’t want to shell out the money to return to college or take adult education classes. Great Courses filled that void and I managed to retain the majority of the information I learned.

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