Released from the Dungeon

I love to be outside. I love to take my laptop out to our covered patio and work. I love the fresh air and even though my skin doesn’t like the sun, my brain does. Most days, I spend 8-15 hours in the garage where I have an office. This keeps Kelly from walking on my keyboard and inserting herself between me and my screen. The upstairs office is basically unusable, because Kelly does her best to be my sole focus.

On Friday the 22nd, it was nice enough I could pack up my stuff, leave the garage in the basement and come outside, with a lap blanket. The blanket was mostly a precaution, even getting chilly can increase my pain and I find even when it’s 75 (instead of the 60 it was today), I bring out a blanket as a precaution.

My house and therefore, my backyard, is bordered by a two-lane highway. I know several writers that say they can’t work outside. The passing cars, barking dogs, kids, people, etc. are all distractions. Thankfully, I don’t have this problem. However, I can’t work in a coffee shop, at least not the way I can outside or in my own office. But I can also have a TV while I write and the noise never bothers me. I often write while watching reruns of UFO Hunters or Ancient Aliens.

It just makes me happy when I can pack everything up and head outside to enjoy the weather while working. I find the outdoors a refreshing place to work.

4 thoughts on “Released from the Dungeon

  1. I’ve read all your dreams and reality series ,I love it.
    Any chance of the whole series coming to audio, as it’s one series I could listen to over and over again. Please.
    Thank you

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