Anonymous Dreams Update

On February 26, 2019, my writing program decided that no matter how good a writer I was, I wasn’t finishing Anonymous Dreams by the end of the month and it was correct! I didn’t. I’m about 10,000 words from “finishing.” It’s been a slower paced book. There are 63,000 words on it.

My new completion date is set for March 9th. Good chance I won’t make that one either. Not because I occasionally delete lots of words, but because it has been a stressful and crazy month. February did not go well for my husband’s family. J fell and broke his right arm (his dominant arm and hand) and it wasn’t set for 6 days which was brutally awful. My FIL had to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks. My MIL’s mom had some health problems and spent time in the hospital.

So February was rough on everyone and while I had a lot of really productive days, I had some days when it was a struggle just getting motivated to get out of bed.

A more accurate finish date for Anonymous Dreams is the end of March. I have a couple of doctor’s appointments in early March that are going to suck my will to live, so I’ll lose productivity those days.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Dreams Update

  1. We’ll all still be here when it’s finished, we’re not going anywhere. Your health and the health of your family is what’s important. And you know I completely understand that you can only do what your body allows you to do. Autoimmune diseases don’t ask first, they just slam you with the pain. It’s been crazy rainy here, 3 of the 5 autoimmunes don’t like wet weather and they’ve delighted in letting me know.

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    1. I mostly feel awesome! My brain no longer feels like it belongs to someone else. But February was a stressful month (my FIL spent several weeks in the hospital and was diagnosed with esophageal cancer) and stress makes my pain levels higher. But thank you! I appreciate everyone sticking with me as I went through a few meltdowns and adjusted to my body’s decision to rebel against my wishes.


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