Trivial Pursuit

The game of Trivial Pursuit is often about luck just as much as knowledge. My best friend and I play a long distance “point” game of Trivial Pursuit. Between us we have 10 genuses or so (maybe more). When she moved to Indiana for work some years ago, we opened two of the genuses and she took one box from Genus III and one box from Genus V and we began playing over email.

How does this work? We are playing from Genus V at the moment. She keeps track of the scores. Each weekday morning, we email each other all the questions off a card. We trust each other not to cheat (no Googling answers). She answers the questions I send and I answer the questions she sends. Then we respond with “correct” or the right answer if the one they gave was wrong.

One morning, I missed all but 1 question on my card and it was definitely luck that I got it right. However, I knew the answer to all but one of her questions. This means, if she had asked me the questions from the card I gave her, I would have pulled ahead. Which is why I say it’s just as much about luck as it is trivial knowledge.

This was the question I got correct:
AE: Who paid his dues on the Today show by serving as a guest host 150 times? I have no clue. I only know one male host on the Today show for eternity, Matt Lauer and that’s what I put with a question mark after it. Which much to my surprise turned out to be correct.

One of my other questions was about the Teletubbies and TV evangelists. This is how my brain works… Well, I know one TV Evangelist “Billy Graham” oh wait, there was that other one that was arrested, his wife had really big hair and I believe she was a blond. Jimmy Stewart? No that was the actor that talked slow, played in several John Wayne movies. The Barkers? No, they were a gang. Wife had two first names. Tammy Faye Barker? Was his name Jimmy Barker? Tammy Faye Baker? Was his name Jim Baker? So I sent Jim Baker, because I was pretty sure it wasn’t Billy Graham. Then I Googled Jim Baker… and it’s Jim Bakker, but the answer wasn’t correct even without the spelling error.

Then she sent the answers back: who the hell is Jerry Falwell?

Most days we are pretty evenly matched getting 3 or 4 a piece correct, and oddly we usually get nearly the same 3 or 4 correct. Our worst categories are Sports & Leisure and Arts & Entertainment. I got 1, she got 2 that day. But there’s the luck bit. If she had asked me her card, I would have gotten 5 out of 6 correct.

Also, when one of us can get a Sports & Leisure or an Arts & Entertainment question correct, it’s usually one we both know. One of hers was about Soundgarden, which we both knew and this day her Sports & Leisure was about General Patton which we both knew.

And that is how you play Trivial Pursuit long distance. I’m never sure which one of us is in the lead, but I don’t figure it matters.

One thought on “Trivial Pursuit

  1. Playing this has made me realize how dependent I am on Google. I don’t have to remember anything anymore, Google remembers. but when you can’t Google… I have lots of moments of “I know this! It is … ” and then forgetfulness kicks in because I didn’t have to remember the details, I could always Google it. so frustrating! (and for the record, she is ahead but not by much…)

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