Social Media

I have decided the real purpose of social media is to annoy everyone. One of my friends yesterday shared a meme about how everyone is too sensitive and everyone is always offended anymore. This is correct. This is exactly what social media does. No one ever stops to realize there might be a real reason for these people to be offended.

For example, about a week ago I saw my first meme talking about how Millennials are cherry picking what is and isn’t a sin and how they should stop because it doesn’t work that way. So I commented on it: Millennials aren’t the first generation to do this. You proclaim to be a good Christian but I know you eat both shellfish and pork, but the Bible bans Christians from eating those in the 631 commandments laid out by God in the Bible. Their response was that these things were less sinful than homosexuality. No, they aren’t. The only sins ranked are the Big 10 (Ie: the 10 commandments given to Moses on the mountain) adultery is a bigger sin than eating pork or shellfish and it’s a bigger sin than homosexuality, because adultery made the top 10 list that God gave special to Moses. Those 631 commandments are all equally sinful and previous generations have just cherry picked what to ignore so you think it’s okay. But it’s still a sin, just like hypocrisy is a sin. Hypocrisy is a form of vanity and vanity is a sin, therefore… I was unfriended because they were offended that I would stand up for homosexuals. Their exact words were “You aren’t homosexual why would you stand up for them?” Because mindless complacency leads to things like the Holocaust. And I don’t care if you’re a Christian that gobbles down pulled pork sandwiches while munching on peel and eat shrimp, on a Sunday. Go for it, but don’t expect me to be silent when you start attacking others.

If you want people on social media to stop being offended, stop sharing drivel. It’s the internet, posting “I hate Gays” is not much different than standing on a street holding a sign that says “I hate Gays!”

Also, try to remember that Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all branches on the same tree with Abraham as the father. Furthermore, all forms of religion have militant branches. Hello Crusaders, so nice to see you again, my what a big sword you have. Islam is not the only Abrahamic religion to kill people in the name of God. And before you suggest that numbers might be a factor in who’s worse, the Crusades killed millions of Muslims.

And before you share that meme about Socialism, double check that you understand Socialism, because most people don’t. I’ll let you in on another secret historians know “The Soviet Union was neither Socialist or Communist” they were a fascist dictatorship that called itself communist. Socialism is more about equality. People still get rich in a Socialist economy, they just don’t get rich like they do in the US under capitalism.

It’s okay to have opinions and share them. Even on social media. I have lots of opinions. However, if you are going to share your opinion, you should not be allowed to be pissed off if someone points out your opinion is based on faulty information. Dissidence and dissent are necessary in our societies. We don’t want to live where we are stifled by censorship. Or at least, I certainly don’t. Disagreement is good. Having opinions is good. The key here is realizing that opinions should be based on real information. In other words, we should attempt to remove ignorance and hypocrisy from social media. It should be a place to learn, connect with friends and family, and share love. Because dear lord this world needs more love not more hate and hypocrisy.

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