Research, Research, Research

Despite my annoyance at the Plum books with the Morelli/Ranger situation, I continued forward because I can’t find anything else to read. I am a very, very, very picky reader. Even authors I love, I rarely love all their books. I’ve been trying to read some King to catch up and I haven’t enjoyed the last two I started. Even though one was Rose Madder a book I loved when it first came out.

Book 23 in the Numbers series by Evanovich had a main plot line that dealt with bubonic plague and the Japanese group 731. Group 731 was a scientific group during WWII that was trying to find new ways to kill people. Some of the things the group did were pretty chilling and make the US’s Bat Bombs and Soviet Dog Bombs look humane. Group 731 did try to weaponize Bubonic Plague. They were going to infect the West Coast of the US and hit china with Flea Bombs.

Luckily, they failed, because it turns out fleas are kind of fragile and because bubonic plague has to mutate to become especially virulent. Plus, there are different species of fleas. The reason I started D. Pestis with stray dogs and cats is because fleas are susceptible to temps, air pressure, and do not coexist well in small areas and it is hard to incubate bubonic plague in people.

In other words, I felt Evanovich was exposed to info about Group 731, then checked the Wiki page, read the Wiki page on Bubonic Plague and did no other research. I was okay with her out though, no one got plague because the “supposed host” didn’t have plague to pass along.

However, I still felt it could have been “better” as a plot line. One of the reasons I keep reading the Numbers Series is because I like the multiple mini-subplots. I like Evanovich’s willingness to have multiple things going on simultaneously within Stephanie’s life. I like it even better when those subplots don’t involve Morelli/Ranger.

So I moved to 24 and wanted to beat my head on the wall immediately. I’ve read a few of the Between the Number books, including the first one where you’re introduced to Diesel. The main plot for 24 is zombies. Which is fine. Not half way through the book, Stephanie tells Lula she has to stop obsessing about Zombies, Stephanie who has made a bet with Ranger about sex regarding the destruction of cars, and is engaged to be engaged to Morelli after telling Lula to stop obsessing over zombies, begins to think about Diesel as a bed partner. Why does Lula need to stop obsessing about zombies when Stephanie can’t stop obsessing over who she’s going to sleep with that night?

PS: Books like this are why Aislinn is asexual.

4 thoughts on “Research, Research, Research

  1. ever tried any of LS Sygnet’s series? Or Diane Henders’ books? Great reads, and whatever romance there may be, it’s not overbearing and not used as fluff. more like, sometimes it happens and we move onto the important stuff.

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  2. Try Christine Feehan. You dropped her down from my numbed one go to. Actually she had already dropped her in the last couple of years due to subject matter. Like you I still read her books (actually about half skipping the porno parts) but they are no longer first day automatic buys as they had been for years. The Dark series and Sea Haven series have been my favorites for years. Your Dream and Dark series have now become my pre-order first day reads.

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