Anonymous Dreams Update

As of 9 pm on 2/19/2019 the total word count on Anonymous Dreams was 44,534 words. I had a “delete” day on it. Where I deleted more words than I added, because I decided a few plot lines weren’t going to work.

And after discussing plot points and devices with my internet security goddess/consultant, I went through and changed a few things to make it more seamless, which resulted in a few more deletions. However, I’m happy to report that the route I was going with that, was correct enough for her.

What does that mean? It means I knew and understood more than I thought I did. Oh and yes, the title has been changed. I decided I wanted something more computerish/dark net accurate than Innocent Dreams, plus I still think Innocent Dreams will go a different direction. Hence the title Anonymous Dreams.

I don’t know what my publication plan for it is. My editor is working hard on Ritual Dreams, she says she’s had to look up a ton of stuff which has really slowed down the process. Tomorrow, I will make forward progress.

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