Ritual Dreams Update

I finished writing <em>Ritual Dreams</em>on 1/18/2019.  It is being prepped to go to the editor in February.  Pre-orders are available at nearly all major ebook retailers. 

I’d like to get back to having 2 or 3 months between finishing writing a book and its release, which I’ve managed with <em>Ritual Dreams</em>.  I’d also like to get back to releasing 4 books a year.  I will be taking the next 2 1/2 months to finish either <em>Goddess Investigations</em> or <em>Oh My Wizard </em>(working title for Nephilim Narrative #2).  I think Avenging Reality (working title) will be my October release.  Also, I need to get <em>The Dysfunctional expansion</em> written. 

I actually finished <em>Ritual Dreams</em> earlier than I expected once January rolled around.  Just to help understand some of the delay, it wasn’t all pain or emotional distress that caused the delay.  I had to do a ton of research for it and then I had to double check nearly every killer chapter multiple times.  The serial killer in Ritual has a serious mental illness and I wanted to make it as authentic as possible as well as discovering I didn’t know as much about the condition as I thought I did before I got started. 

Also, there were huge patches X’d out as I went along.  I was going to get into cult deprogramming as well as the mental illness the serial killer suffered from, but all of that made it entirely too involved and I eventually decided against deprogramming being a theme of the book.  I can only force feed a reader so much information.

Onwards with the next book…

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