Writing Update & 2019 Plan

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I haven’t gotten as much written as I’d like. It was rough. I hope to hit it hard again after Christmas and if the stars align and the universe allows, I’ll have at least 1 book finished by the end of January.

  • Untitled Reality Novel: 21,591 words
  • Ritual Dreams: 43,822 words
  • Oh My Wizard (working title of Nephilim Narrative 2): 8,353 words
  • Goddess Investigations: 57,777 words (no clue how I managed to get that many 7s in a single word count without aiming for it)
  • Dysfunctional Expansion: 4,898 words

At my doctor’s appointment on December 17th, it was decided that I can stay or go off Lyrica as I choose. I can’t take high doses of it, so my doctor doesn’t believe it is all that helpful.

Part of me hopes that if I go off it, my brain will fix itself after a few weeks of not being force fed the medication. It’s no secret, I think Lyrica is detrimental to how I process information, I’m hopeful that going off the medication will help with my writing. I struggle to form sentences, not like writer’s block, the ideas are there, but the words aren’t. I have reported the aphasia and other problems I have (like believing I’ve had conversations that I haven’t) to the FDA. PS: that is not easy, you’d think it would be, but it was a pain in the behind.

I have high hopes for January. We’ve altered my pain medication to give me more control, removed me from Lyrica, and upped my muscle relaxers.

This also means I hope 2019 starts out on a better note than 2018. I have a plan in place for publishing in 2019. I will be releasing the following books:

  • Ritual Dreams
  • Oh My Wizard
  • Goddess Investigations
  • Untitled Reality Novel
  • Dysfunctional Expansion

I don’t have release dates for any of them yet. I’m hoping to get a daily planner sheet that I can keep on my new desk to schedule when I’m going to write on what. On days I have doctor’s appointments, I don’t manage to get much writing done… A daily planner might help with that. I used to have a Monty Python quote of the day desk calendar/planner. My current desk is a little small, but I’m hoping to get a larger one in early 2019. When you use a 17 inch laptop, it takes up quite a bit of room on a small desk.

J took over a position affiliated with darts (regional director for the American Dart Association) that will require him to travel a little more, and attend a few more dart tournaments a year. This is actually a good thing and I look forward to it, even if I don’t travel with him all the time (and I probably won’t as travel is hard on me), I do write more when he is gone.

And I still have some stuff in the works, like audio and working with some authors on anthologies and what not. Fingers crossed!

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