A Writing Update

I’m averaging 3,500 words a day on the next Reality book, 1,500 on Goddess Investigations, another 1,500 on Oh My Wizard (working title will likely change) – the next in the Nephilim Narratives.  And every couple of days, I add a sentence or two to the Dysfunctional Expansion.  

I’ve been told to prepare for the worst this winter as it has been forecasted to be dreadfully wet and therefore congestion causing for me… because mold spores aren’t killed by cold, it just slows them down and we have days of freezing temps followed by a day or two of 40 and 50 degree weather, which causes the spores to reactivate and begin spreading and growing again, especially with all the rain and snow we have gotten lately.

Missouri had been behind on rain for 2018, I feel like November and December may put us back on track and if January is as wet as the last months have been, we’ll start out on the good side in January and possibly February too.  Theoretically, I don’t mind the rain, I do mind the mold and other fungal spores that keep me sounding like I have a cold.

I got to use the Red Pen of Destruction the other day on a formal paper.  I forget how much I enjoy that until I get to do it.  I love to edit formal papers for conciseness, clarity, and errors.  It just makes me feel like I’m contributing to improve life as we know it.  Perhaps more importantly, the person I did the read through for understands the importance of the Red Pen and appreciates it.  And she’s very intelligent with a great vocabulary, which always makes a formal paper sexier.

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