On Tuesday morning, I had just gotten up and was sitting down at my computer.  I work out of the garage, so of course, my my chair rolls easy enough since the floor is concrete.  I have a tiny LED bar light that connects to a cabinet over my table.  

However, recently I removed the table and replaced it with an actual desk.  It isn’t nearly as long nor as wide as my table was.  Anyway, Tuesday morning, I went to install that light, it has a magnet on the back which is why it goes where it goes.  As I reached up to attach the light bar my chair tilted forward and then rolled out from under me.

I landed with my right butt cheek on the base of the chair, where the rollers are.  It took about five minutes for my right butt cheek to swell up. 

I ended up not getting much done that day.  My pain skyrocketed with that bone head move that did leave a bruise along with the swelling.  It made for a rough day.  

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