Fiction and the Real World

I recently read a news article regarding something called “Extreme Kidnapping.”  Before you snort with derision because “all kidnapping is extreme” let me explain.  You pay for extreme kidnapping.  It’s like murder mystery dinner theatre, but with kidnapping.  It’s theoretically entertainment, meant to make you feel as if you are in danger, when you aren’t.

If you’ve seen the movie Game Night starring Jason Bateman, you’ll know that when the kidnappers break into the house everyone thinks it’s a game.  When I first watched it, I couldn’t imagine why they thought the brother had paid to have someone kidnapped.  Then I was introduced to Extreme Kidnapping.  

There are several companies in the US that you can use and they let you tailor the kidnapping experience to some degree.  You set up a time and place for the kidnapping, as well as the circumstances surrounding it.  Some companies allow you to decide whether you want to be kidnapped by “goons” or perhaps you’d prefer to be kidnapped by a group of “sexy women.”  

Once in the custody of your kidnappers, they “mildly” torture you from what I can tell from my research.  You can even work out to have a friend or love one kidnapped, but you must have their consent to some degree as they must sign a waiver that says the company isn’t responsibility should anything happen to you.

It all sounds a bit, well extreme, to be honest.  I think this says something about our society though.  Have we really become so bored and so disillusioned with life that we desire simulated kidnappings?  

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