Kareem Hunt and Celebrities As a Whole

If you watch NFL football or pay close attention to the news, then you know the Kansas City Chiefs cut their star running back November 30, 2018 for bad behavior off the football field.  To CEO Clark Hunt as well as most of the Chiefs coaching staff, the video of Hunt fighting with a woman inside a hotel in Cleveland, OH in February 2018 was deserving of the axe.  

There’s a great deal of “he said, she said” in the story that followed.  No one was arrested, Hunt was fined by the Chiefs, but the matter rested there.  Then TMZ got hold of the security tape and released it to the public.  After knocking the woman to the ground, Hunt kicked her.  

In the days that followed it, there were comments from many about Hunt being terminated because he, an African American man, attacked a white woman.  I’m not sure race played a huge factor in it.  I feel that most likely the kick to the woman after she was on the ground played a huge role.

It should also be pointed out, he isn’t the only player punished in November 2018 for assault.  The week before, the 49ers cut Reuben Foster after he was arrested on a domestic violence charge.  The difference is that Foster was given a mild suspension and traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  And the Chiefs only agreed to help Hunt stay in the league if he sought and received counselling for his problem.  

I applaud Kansas City for this.  I have long thought that celebrities should be held to a high standard of conduct and if they fall below that standard, there should be severe punishments for it.  These people are seen as role models for the next generation of impressionable youths.  In no way, shape, or form, do I want either of my great nephews growing up to admire men and women who can’t even manage to be decent people.  Men like Kareem Hunt and Reuben Foster who debase and devalue women, should not be allowed pedestals, men like these are part of the problem facing the modern woman.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if Kareem Hunt’s version of events is 100% accurate.  In his version, she called him a racial slur, shame on her, but it’s still just a word.  It isn’t like she tried to set him on fire or reported him for a rape that never happened.  Both of which might be worthy of beating her up over.  I’ve heard one person say “maybe she shouldn’t have put herself in that situation.”  

Perhaps she didn’t show good judgment in going to his hotel room.  But shouldn’t he also be held accountable for not showing good judgment when he invited a woman, who was a complete stranger to his room?  Why should it be her fault, but not his? 

If once back in his room, she had tied him to the bed and set him on fire, she would be held accountable for it by the law, but no one would be saying “it was Kareem’s fault for inviting a woman he didn’t know back to his hotel room.”  So why then is it the woman’s fault that Kareem Hunt beat her up?  If he had done something worse, like rape her, it would still be her fault.  “She shouldn’t have gone up there.  She should have known something like this could happen.”

Yes it may have ruined a great career, as Hunt is still quite young and this year had really been his breakout season.  But he made this choice.  He knew he had more to lose than her when he invited her back to his hotel room.  And as I said, if she had set him on fire once there, we’d all be lamenting Hunt’s terrible luck, but we still wouldn’t be blaming him for his irresponsible decision making…  But I believe that is firmly where blame lies in this case.  I won’t defend her use of a racial slur, but I also don’t feel like I can defend Hunt for responding to it with violence.

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