Demonic Yoga

I got a news article a week or two ago that was talking about something being preached at a church in Springfield, Missouri.  The pastor at James River Church as well as several others has decided that yoga is demonic.  

As someone that kind of keeps up on news of the possibly possessed, I can honestly say I’ve never heard of anyone going to yoga and coming home possessed.  I feel the possibility of my ever hearing about someone becoming possessed during a yoga class is incredibly slim.  

 I feel making proclamations like Yoga is a gateway for demons is a tricky statement.  Does it help souls get into Heaven?  Because the God of the New Testament is about love, peace, and harmony.  And as a man, is the pastor truly qualified to sit in judgement of another religion or human being?  In other words, by proclaiming that Yoga is demonic, is he standing in judgment of those that practice the exercise and the religions “associated” with them?  If so, isn’t that a sin?  

And is he risking the souls of those that follow him by having them also sit in judgment?  

Basically, it comes back to this; this belief is built from the idea that there is only ONE true religion.  But that idea doesn’t even allow all Christians to enter through the pearly gates.  Because many believe you must practice that specific denomination of religion.  Meaning Baptists believe all Catholics are going to Hell, because they do not practice the ONE true religion.  I feel if we are condemned to Hell for choosing one doctrine over another, then what is the point of attempting to be a good person?

In other words, if I’m going to Hell for being Catholic instead of Baptist, why does it matter if I try to be a good person or not?  I mean I am just as likely to face damnation for committing one of the deadly sins as I am for following the wrong sect of Christianity.  Meaning I should just go ahead and be greedy and continue doing Yoga, because as an ex-Communicated Catholic, I don’t have a prayer of getting into Heaven, even if Catholicism is the ONE true religion.  

And I find the idea of knowing you belong to the ONE true religion has to be taken on faith as inadequate.  Because I have known several people who were absolutely convinced they belonged to the ONE true religion and so it didn’t matter if they were good people or not, they were believers, they were going to heaven and they would gladly tell you about it.  All because they belonged to the ONE true religion.

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