NaNo Update #3

So I had a slower week this week, my total words for the month is at 34,437.

Unfortunately, this week, the temperature has been low.  One morning, when I climbed from bed at 8:10 am, it was 14 degrees Fahrenheit and felt like 4 with the windchill.  But at that point, who cares that the outside temp is a whopping 14 degrees.  That number exists in a void because there is a windchill that makes the temp 4.

And with the cold came excess pain.  I’ve been trying to power through it, but with extra pain comes the inability to move my hip properly.  I have begun to kick stairs a little more often than normal, which leads to more pain, which leads to me kicking the stairs more and on and on… a cycle that just continues.

But I’m still on track to finish by the end of the month.  My writing program is estimating I’ll finish the 23.  It will actually be a little longer, but it will still be done by November 30th and that’s the goal.

Some fun and interesting things have happened along the way.  I’m having quite a bit of fun with the book and the characters.




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