When You Find Your Neck of the Woods on Ranker

The other night, I was reading a Ranker list called Funniest Local News Interviews.  As I’m scrolling down, watching videos, one opens and I notice it’s the call letters and number for a local CBS station.  So I start the video….KRCG Columbia/Jefferson City

Two things immediately strike me:

  1.  This guy cannot originally be from Mid-Missouri
  2. I remember this fire

Let me clarify the first statement, most Missourians do have an accent.  Most Missourians do not have that accent.  I can’t tell you what accent most Missourians do have, because they sound normal to me.  But the accent he uses in the video sounds southern to me (and I’m sure some of my southern US friends are going to laugh at me for it, because it’s Southern US meets Alien Abduction I think) and I’m sure Chris Patterson from Texas and Krissy Smith from Louisiana are going to go “that doesn’t sound like what I hear”.

I don’t know anyone within a 60 mile radius from where I live where that accent is their native one if they were born in Mid-Missouri.  I hear it in the very southern reaches of Missouri from time to time, near the Arkansas border, but not in Mid-Missouri.  Not regularly and certainly not anyone native to the area.

For some reason, when I find something this local on the internet, it surprises me.  Partly because if you combined all of the KRCG viewing area, you’d get around 500,000 residents.  Maybe.  Columbia is the largest town in it at 110,000+-40,000 in students.  The next largest is Jefferson City with 45,000 people and it’s the capitol of our state.  Then size varies from 5 in tiny little Shamrock, Missouri to 13,000 in Moberly, Missouri.  The number of students who attend the University of Missouri – Columbia’s undergraduate program is larger than most of the towns that surround us.  Which is why I do an estimate of 40,000 students (undergrad at 3 major colleges/universities and 4 small ones) plus graduate programs at the 3 larger ones.

I think globally except when my town is involved.  It doesn’t really make sense.  But I have conversations with readers from all over the globe including South Africa, Norway, the UK, Australia, Germany, Russia, India, China, and numerous other places, so you’d think I’d be more accustomed to the internet making everyone a local.

And yet I’m not… If you didn’t go watch the video, spend a minute on it so you can hear this guy.  He sounds so out of his skull, but coherent…


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