Friday Update

Last Sunday (November 4th), J put some of the finishing touches on the shed he built.  Meaning I got to spend the majority of the day working.  I put down 12,441 words.  The bulk of what I wrote this week.

Total Word Count as of today:  22,740

I often get asked how I can sit down and add 12,000 words or so in a day to a story.  It doesn’t happen often and it doesn’t happen with every book.  It happens when the story suddenly comes together.

What does it mean for a story to come together?  There are lots of times I sit down and plod away at a book.  2,000 words here, 1,000 words there.  It doesn’t seem to matter if I plan out a book.  It still needs words to make it come to life.  It needs action, adventure, things have to happen.  For me, when a story comes together, I can suddenly see it.  Sometimes, I only see the next five chapters or 3 pages.  Sometimes I see the entire book.  And bam!  All the action, all the adventure, all the stuff that needs to happen to move it forward is there in my head.

And it suddenly doesn’t matter that I’m typing it up at 150 words a minute… My fingers still aren’t keeping up with my brain which is composing at a much faster rate.  Dictation also can’t keep up.  I make a ton of notes in my phone when it happens, because my fingers are in spot D, but my brain is in spot N.

Yesterday, it was ghouls that kicked off the story coming together.  I wrote a bit about a ghoul infestation.  Then the entire chapter I was writing was there in my head.  I only had the vaguest idea how the ghoul infestation worked with the rest of the story.  But as I wrote that little bit, it suddenly made complete sense and I knew exactly what the ghouls were doing there.  For the record, I love it when this happens.

And then I hit a moment of indecision.  I know Marah, my main character dates and has a steady boyfriend.  And I typed up a great section where he shows up.  Then as I continued and she had to introduce him, he suddenly wasn’t the guy.  Well what on Earth?  I listened and went with it.  Even though that wasn’t my intention…  But sometimes, and only sometimes, am I in charge of the story.  Sometimes the characters are and Marah had firmly put her foot down about this guy.  She loves him to be sure, but not romantically.  Water goddess and war god, too many differences she told me and I listened.

At which point the rest of that chapter came together and I wrote 3,000 words without ever looking up from my computer.




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