The Serialized Novel

Many writers have started producing serialized novels for their blogs.  I’ve been wanting to write a horror story that doesn’t involve a serial killer for a while now.  I have some ideas, even if I haven’t sat down and started writing them.

The other day, I thought about taking one of these ideas and serializing it on my blog in chunks of say 1,000 or so words.  This is one of the things I like about NaNo, I usually come up with a few new ideas that aren’t just plot lines for books.

Progress on Ritual Dreams has been slow.  This is partly  due to the rigidity of Ace’s character, it can be limiting at times.  And if I’m not wanting to color within the lines, it makes it a battle to put words on it.  It’s also partly content.  After my last Ritual Dreams update post, I got a few messages that surprised me.  The first told me that if Ritual Dreams deals with ritual abuse, they would stop reading the series completely.  There is an element of ritual abuse in the novel.

However, I don’t think it will be what people think it will be.  For starters, I have no desire to get into the graphic details of ritual abuse.  Blood and gore is fine, but I have my limits.  I wanted to close my eyes while listening to the audiobook of Under the Dome when it got to the rape scene of Sammy.  And continuing with the thought of content; I worry I’m just rehashing the same things over and over again at times.  I mean I have 12 of these books out…. so I worry about the repetitive nature of the action and plot at times.

The second informed me that a few dead Satanists shouldn’t rank very high on the list of serial killers the SCTU needed to capture.  Um, what?  Did we forget these are fiction novels?  And if they weren’t, why would someone’s religion preclude them from having their murder thoroughly investigated.

I responded to the first explaining some of what would be in it.  They seemed fine with it.  I did not respond to the second as I decided trying to wrap my head around the logic of their argument might make my brain go into meltdown mode.

Word Count for Ritual Dreams stands at 33,017.

Word Count for Oh My Wizard (working title for Nephilim Narrative 2) stands at 2,440.

Finally, the word count for The Dysfunctional Expansion is 9,169.

It’s only the 1st of November, so it is possibly I will get all three of these done before the end of the year, maybe, or at least 1 of them.


4 thoughts on “The Serialized Novel

  1. I too would have trouble reading grafic depictions of abuse particularly of sexual child abuse. I’d also be surprised if you went too far over that line as you seem to understand your readers very well. I will admit that I stopped reading Christine Feehan when her books became too sexually explicit for my taste. My reviews reflected this and remarked on this disturbing trend as did a a few other reviews. Again, you seem to know your readers and respect their opinions so I will continue to read your books until I have reason not too. Thank you for your continued work in spite of medical challenges, I don’t know how you do so much while dealing with your daily struggles.

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  2. I have a real issue with censorship. I also think you have the opportunity to use your fiction to help educate people as to the types of Satanists out there. There is the Satanic Church with their statues of Baphomet, doing a great job of highlighting the hypocrisy of stating our country has Freedom of Religion and then marginalizing anyone not Christian. Then there is the Church of Satan founded by LeVey, who are basically Humanists who cloak themselves in the mantle of non-conformity. When your nine Satanic sins include stupidity, pretentiousness and herd conformity, you might not be dealing with evil. Maybe its also a counter-culture attempt to subvert the mainstream and freak the mundanes.

    So, do Satanists exist? Yes. There are those (organized and not) who attempt to truly worship Satan as the nemesis of the Christian God. They thrive on violence and generating chaos. However, very few ever rise to the level of killing or even serial killing. Those tend to be urban myths.

    Satanists also enjoy turning religious symbols upside down – the cross, the pentagram and even the swastika. Of course, the swastika is also known as the hooked cross and was used throughout the world until Hitler stole is as a purported symbol of Aryan heritage. And note that Wiccans, neo-pagans and witches don’t even enter into the Satanist description. It is the same as calling a Hindu a Satanist. And the image of the Devil is directly derived from Cernunnos and other male deities, whose images were deemed evil in order to promote Christianity.

    Satanists are rebellious Christians, because you can’t be a Satanist if you aren’t Christian. However, ultra-conservative Christians label anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe and exactly as they believe it as a Satanist. Maybe, just maybe, reading something that differs from your pre-conceived notions and prejudices may educate you a bit. Who knows, you might even learn something. There is no reason fiction can’t teach – its been done for millennia as parables and fables.

    OK, done now. Getting off of my soapbox.

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    1. I actually appreciate much of what the Satanic Temple does for me and as a woman, the Satanic Temple stands up for the right to govern my own body more than any other organization ever. I consider the Church of Satan more of a hedonist religion than humanist, possibly because LeVey would have been fine with a cult of Bacchas.


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