The Halloween Post

I spent 2, maybe 4 weeks, trying to come up with the perfect post for today.  Ghosts?  Demons?  Serial killers?  What should it be?  All of these things are scary or can be.  I even did a draft post of deities you wouldn’t want to meet like Lamashtu the Mesopotamian Goddess of stillbirths and miscarriages and by “goddess of” she was thought to cause them, as well as kidnapping infants for the purpose of lunch (or sacrifice) depending on what source you use.

And then I saw a post on a “For Sale” Site and this blog post was born.  The Stardust Ranch is for sale.  If you aren’t up on modern ufology, the Stardust Ranch has gained infamy among Ufologists, because the current occupant and seller swears he’s killed multiple grey aliens on the property over the years.

The Stardust Ranch (also known as the Skinwalker Ranch) has gained its infamy by being featured on shows such as Ghost Adventures.  However, the owner has turned down offers to allow shows such as UFO Hunters and Fact or Faked (both now defunct shows, but highly enjoyable) to film episodes on the property.

And the Stardust Ranch isn’t the only place in the US thought to be infested by aliens.  Nome, Alaska has been dealing with a troubling spate of disappearances for more than forty years.  They’ve got an FBI agent that lives practically on site anymore to assist with missing person’s cases.  The town of just 3,000+ people has been thought to be the home of a serial killer, a Satanic cult, and genetically modified wild life to explain the high number of disappearances there.  Perhaps, it’s not surprising then that residents and Nome, have begun to wonder if the disappearances aren’t actually alien abductions.  Since 1995, the town of 3,800 people has had 24 missing person’s cases.  Which is a higher rate than most towns that size (my town of 120,000 didn’t have 24 missing person’s cases in the same time period and we are a college town with close to 50,000 students that come and go each semester and swell our size closer to 140,000 – some students are full time residents).

For the record, a lot of places in Alaska have a ban on alcohol because people get drunk and wander into places they can’t survive very long especially during the winter.  Nome is not a dry town, it allows alcohol sales.  And while that probably does account for at least some of the disappearances, it doesn’t account for all.  And considering kids as young as just a few years old have gone missing, it seems unlikely they got drunk and wandered into the cold Alaskan wilderness one night after leaving the bar.

Aliens are scary.  Hawking was right about the desire for life to subjugate other life forms they find inferior, look at colonization among humans.  Any alien race capable of reaching Earth is capable of destroying it’s human population.  Or enslaving us.  And if we can’t be shiny, happy people, even among other humans, why should aliens treat us any different?  Not to mention the chaos and panic that would ensue should aliens arrive on Earth en masse.  Remember the scene in Independence Day where they are talking about launching nuclear weapons at the mother ship?  The fictional part of that, is the arrival of the aliens, not our response.


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