Personal Responsibility

I’ve been researching the hell out of Ketamine the last month trying, increasing my knowledge to show my doctor that I really have thought about it a lot and I’m not just trying to rush into getting a Ketamine prescription all willy-nilly.  As well as reading case studies, I asked in my support groups for any personal experiences they’ve had with Ketamine and their CRPS.

Most of the responses were along the lines of “we keep it in the backs of our minds as a maybe in case all else fails”.  I’m pretty close to the “all else failed” part.  The hydrocodone helps, but trying to keep to just 2 pills a day sometimes is maddeningly awful because sometimes my pain is far greater than what 2 hydrocodone can handle.

But this one woman floored me.  She wrote “my best friend overdosed on Ketamine one night after getting drunk, so I am trying to convince my state’s government to increase restrictions on prescriptions of it.  Um, what the fuck?!

It’s a tragic story.  And ketamine does run the risk of death and coma, especially if mixed with alcohol, as does almost every other medication available.  However, you want to take away a medication from the X millions of people in your state because your friend made the decision to ignore the “DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL” warnings?  That doesn’t even make sense.

Ketamine can be used as a last resort medication for some types of depression, as well as lowering pain levels in some people with chronic pain.  Why would you even think this was okay?  What happened to forcing people to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions.

If I weigh the risks of ketamine use against the effects of my disease and then my doctor and I decide that Ketamine is an option for me, it seems like I should be allowed to use it regardless of what Joe Blow did that resulted in his death.

If I take it and it kills me, that’s just the way it goes, I knew the risk was there.  It will be sad for my friends and family and readers, but none of them should raise a banner to get Ketamine banned just because my body decided to react badly to it.  Or because I made the choice to ignore warning labels and probably a discussion with my pharmacist where I had to sign at the end to say that I had received verbal counseling on the risks and understood them.

Ultimately, I am responsible for making those choices, regardless of the outcome.


One thought on “Personal Responsibility

  1. When I was in middle school we had a fantastic teacher who explained responsibility and perception of responsibility. Objective, let people know the bridge is out.
    1. Just tell the next person that comes by
    2. Put a sign up informing everyone that the bridge is out
    3. Put up road block with sign that the bridge is out
    4. Place a guard at the lost bridge and he will shoot if you try to pass after seeing the sign that says the bridge is out.
    We seem to be going more towards shooting those who were reading the sign.

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