Outlining Novels

I’m not an outliner when I write.  I sit down, put my fingers on the keys and hope they can keep up with my brain.  This has always been how I wrote.  But in November 2017, I started taking Lyrica and I may need to shake up how I write.

The biggest side effect I have noticed with Lyrica is that it feels like I don’t think the way I used to.  For nearly a year, I have tried to put that into words that a doctor could understand.  I continue to fail.

How do you explain that the brain in your head doesn’t feel like your brain?  Seriously.  I’m open to suggestions.  I can’t pinpoint a single example of what I mean, to illustrate the feeling.  It just doesn’t feel like me.

To get through the writing of Demonic Dreams, I had to do a very rough outline.  And again with Natural Born Exorcist.  Once those rough outlines existed, I was able to get the books written.

I have decided to try it with Ritual Dreams even though I’m half way done with the book.  And I have done it for the second Nephilim narrative already.  Wish me luck with this new writing habit.  Since I’ve been a dedicated pantser for 30 years, it’s weird to switch that up… But you do what you have to do.  Let the writing continue.

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