Demonic – An Underrated Movie on Netflix

Saturday morning, it stormed and both our dogs have stormed related phobias and I was the only human home, so we stayed inside and hung out together.  I took about 15 minutes to find a Netflix horror movie to watch, weighing each option by watching the trailer.

Someone had recommended a non-horror movie to me recently and I had considered watching it, but eventually I found Demonic.  Demonic had actors I knew in it, Maria Bello and Frank Grillo, neither are big name stars, but I have liked them in the things I have seen them in.  I became familiar with Grillo’s work when I watched Purge Anarchy.  It turned out I had seen him in other things, but he hadn’t left an impression until Purge Anarchy, but I did love him in that.

I didn’t have high hopes.  It struck me as one of those overdone horror themes: college kids isolated from the world and usually each other to be picked off in glorious bloody fashion.  And that oh-not-so-awesome found footage style of film.  Both of these were accurate, but the way in which they were accurate was not what I expected.

There is maybe 40 minutes of “found footage” style camera work, which is good because usually that type of cinematography makes me motion sick.  I have yet to see Cloverfield or As Above So Below because of this.  Most of the “found footage” had steady camera work, another bonus.

And the college kids separated from the world, narrowed the list of suspects quickly to just the 6 kids… and it took me about half an hour to figure out the plot “twist”.  And solve the mystery.  The end wasn’t a huge surprise, but that’s fairly common for me, especially with horror movies pretending to be mysteries.  Evidence was the last one of these style films that had a surprise for me.

The college kids didn’t annoy the snot out of me, which counts for something.  I wasn’t terribly invested in the characters, meaning I wasn’t upset by any of their deaths.  But I was invested in the cop and psychologist (Grillo and Bello respectively).  However, I was invested enough in the story line that I wanted to finish it and I did.  Perhaps more importantly, when I finished it, I didn’t feel like I had wasted 2 hours of my life.  It does have a not-quite-the-end ending, but that’s becoming more and more common, I’ve just accepted that’s how it goes these days.  But it was complete enough that I didn’t feel like it ended too abruptly.

After watching it, Netflix asked me to rate it, which I did and then I realized that it doesn’t have a very good reception.  For the most part, I don’t pay attention to these, but I felt like this one might be undeserving of such a rating.  It provides so much more than most horror movies put out.  Especially at a time when movies are all about the remakes/retellings/etc.  We are the generation that remade Death Wish and so many horror movies lack a good plot, it’s gore or nudity for the sake of gore or nudity, because a remake of Friday the 13th has to have some gratuitous sex scenes or how will Jason know who to kill…  This lacked both nudity and sex, which I appreciate.

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