Not Accurate At All

I love history and occasionally someone tells me that I must have been born in the wrong century.  Um, nope, not accurate.  My knowledge of history makes me positive I was born in the correct century or at least the most correct century as of my time on this planet.

See, there are things in the 20th and 21st century that didn’t exist until now that I find more than just a little convenient, I consider them necessary to my way of life.  The first is modern medicine.

The second is modern plumbing.  I don’t like to use portable toilets I certainly wouldn’t have made it during the days of cesspits and outhouses or earlier, buckets out windows onto city streets.

I may joke about trepanning, but I don’t actually want to try it for my migraines.  I know that these things were normal for the time and if I had been born into it, it theoretically wouldn’t bother me, but it’s a theory I’d rather not test.

I’ll just keep living in this century, it’s the easiest one for me to live in anyway, plus there are video games and I don’t have to hand write all my manuscripts or struggle with corrections on a type writer.

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