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My pain management doctor has told me at every appointment, we need to be aggressive with our treatment of my CRPS even if I am beyond the 1 year remission window.  We have done a lot of things that haven’t worked, but we keep trying, hoping something will eventually stick.

Monday I noticed sadly that the Ketamine was wearing off.  I called and got the exact dose I’d been given 10mgs of IV Ketamine.  Cool.  I went online and started researching Ketamine and found that most of Ketamine’s side effects can be treated with benzodiazapenes, including the psychotropic ones like hallucinations and insomnia (I only experienced insomnia).  The most common one used to treat ketamine side effects is Klonopin, a drug I was on from November 1998 to February 2018.  I tolerate it well.  So maybe it will be enough to combat the side effects of the ketamine tablets if I have insomnia on it.

Now, we’d have to move me off Vicodin and onto to Percocet since Klonopin basically negates the effects of Vicodin to deal with my very active days, but that’s okay, because I could see my need for pain meds greatly decreased with the assistance of Ketamine and my quality of life improve as my pain decreases and I can return to doing some of the things I love to do.

Anyway, after much research, I called my pain management clinic to let them know that at my next appointment, I want to discuss adding Ketamine to my pain regimen.  I was told I could discuss it with the doctor, but not to get my hopes up because Ketamine is not a medication he uses.

Well, what the fuck?!  How does one not get their hopes up?  I had two weeks of the lowest pain levels I have had in over a year.  Ketamine worked better than opiates, nerve blocks, steroid injections, and even better than an epidural.  Yes it’s a sedative and yes it can have some serious side effects – hallucinations, insomnia, dream like feeling, nerve twitches, and loss of appetite.  But my disease also has some serious side effects.

So I am gearing up for that conversation later this month.  It’s one of those things where I know it’s not the best solution for everyone with CRPS, but I think it might be the best solution for me.


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