Essentially A Teen Girl

I have decided my dog Kelly is essentially a teen girl.  God forbid another dog run around the neighborhood.  Especially if it’s male.  She loses her freaking mind, she will even chew on the chain link fence.

Let me put this into perspective.  This happens at all hours, day or night.  We live in the country, but keep our dogs in our fenced in back yard, because it’s still a subdivision with a busy two lane highway next to us.  So at midnight, if the dog from the culdesac across the street from us is running around, Kelly is inside barking like she’s being attacked by a cobra.

I worry about her breaking or damaging her teeth using them to pull at the chain link fence, but I have yet to figure out a way to make her disinterested in the other dogs.  She’s been spayed.  Lola pretty much doesn’t care about the other dogs around us.  She will bark at the bull dog catty cornered from us, but that’s it and I still haven’t figured out exactly why she barks at him.  She also barks at it’s owner, which is even weirder since Lola is basically only interested in delivery people; mail lady, UPS, FedEx, these are the people that get her undivided attention, not the neighbors, except the owner of the bull dog.

And Kelly definitely does more barking at male dogs than females.  There is one dog her name is Tsu-Tsu that gets walked around and Kelly completely ignores her.  But if the same guy is walking Wally, who is his male of the breed, Kelly loses her shit.

Which means Kelly is basically a teen girl.  I have even wondered if we’re all going to survive it.  Which is sad and pathetic.


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