A Birthday Post

It’s that time again, time for my best friend Beth to go back to being 12 years older than me.  For one month and 11 days out of every year, she is only 11 years and 11 months older than me.  Having her be 12 years older than me is pretty cool, it makes us both Monkeys under the Chinese Zodiac.  And it means she was one of the biggest influences on a developing me.

Most of the “cool things” I did as a kid and teen were with her.  And she definitely had a huge impact on the music I love.  My mom likes rock and roll, but my friend introduced me to music like Nine Inch Nails, Souxie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, KMFDM, and so many others.  And I’m not even sure where to start with books and movies influences, because that list is incredibly long.  I was her excuse to see Disney movies in the 1980s and 1990s.  She could take me to the movies and not be that weird adult at a cartoon movie surrounded by other people’s children.

*Updated July 25, 2018).  She’s turning 50. When the year first began she told me this one was bothering her.  Birthdays never bother either of us, but she said 50 was kind of freaking her out.  So I spent months working on this post of things she enjoys that celebrated their 50th before her.  I’d point out that several of our cousins are older than her, but I’m trying to keep the list to things that she likes (at the moment, I am definitely not making her happy, but shit happens and she’ll forgive me eventually).

We’ll start with famous people that are older:

  • Douglas Adams – Born 1952
  • Alan Rickman – Born 1946
  • Neil Gaiman – Born 1960
  • Richard Kruspe – Born 1967
  • Trent Reznor – Born 1965
  • Sascha Konietzko – Born 1961
  • Michael Palin – Born 1943
  • Al Gore – Born 1948… I included this one because he invented the internet and she works with security and the internet and what not, so while she may not be waving any Al Gore banners, he is obviously very important to her life (I totally expect a text telling me this one gave her an eye twitch… haha)
  • Helen Mirren – Born 1945
  • Judi Dench – Born 1934
  • Barbara Cartland – Born 1901
  • Stephen Fry – Born 1957
  • Hugh Laurie – Born 1959
  • Dean Koontz – Born 1945
  • Stephen King – Born 1947
  • Clive Barker – Born 1952

Okay, the last three are more authors I like, but I wanted to show her I like people older than her…

Other Celebs that Turned 50 this year….. 

  • Hugh Jackman – 17 days younger than my best friend (I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed)
  • Will Smith – Born the exact same day
  • Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Lucy Lui
  • Daniel Craig
  • Debra Messing
  • LL Cool J
  • Molly Ringwald
  • Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy was always one of my cousin’s favorite Kevin Smith movies, I preferred Mall Rats, go figure)
  • Patricia Arquette
  • Anthony Michael Hall (So when he was a teen dork in The Breakfast Club, he, Molly, and my friend would all have been in school)
  • Gillian Anderson – friend wasn’t an X-Files fan but enjoys The Fall
  • Julia Sawalha – In my head I have known for a long time they were the same age, she told me during our AbFab marathons, but I think it just sank in

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