What is Natural Born Exorcist About?

Someone asked what Natural Born Exorcist was about.  I wanted to give them the smart ass answer – it’s about exorcising demons.

And it is.  But honestly, it runs along the same theme as most of my books, it’s about family.  Sometimes, that family is biological and sometimes the family is not.

However, this may be the first book I have written where the primary theme is love.  All love.  There’s familial love, a touch of romance, and the love you feel when you meet someone and it just clicks and you know that this person was destined to be in your life and it doesn’t matter if you’ve only met for 5 minutes or 5 hours, you feel like you’ve known them all your life.

Basically, it’s about love and hugs and fate and fighting evil and demonic possession and demons and magic and angels and having the ability to see beyond what’s on the outside to what is inside a person’s heart and loving them for it.

There are zombies, demons, archangels, angels, nephilim, vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards, magic, dragons, Mayan storm gods, comedy, action, betrayal, mystery, Christopher Walken impressions, and I am positive this one book has more swearing than all my other published books combined.

All that said, it is basically a happy feel good book that has a mystery, neat characters, exorcisms, and a half angel/half human that swears like a drunken pirate.

I think it will be well liked.  Or at least, I hope so, because I loved writing it.

It will release on all sites September 30th, with pre-orders available everywhere except Google. I didn’t do Google pre-orders, because Google doesn’t play nice with other retailers and last time I did a pre-order, the prices were different between Google and everyone else, because of the 30% discount Google automatically puts on all indie published books and both Amazon and iBooks threatened to not let me sell books on their sites for a year if it happened again and since that is where 90% of my sales comes from every month, I need to keep Amazon and iBooks happy.


2 thoughts on “What is Natural Born Exorcist About?

  1. Hi Hadena. I read your books that you’ve posted on wattpad and it seems as if you’ve left if for good. Anyway, I’m so in love with the Dreams series as is everyone who’s read it and they are so confused as to why you’re not replying as was I.
    I feared something had happened to you to be honest. But I’m glad that I was smart enough to google you. Keep up the GREAT work. And I’ll purchase the rest of the books someday I’m sure, when I’m old enough and so. Lots of love, Your fan.

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